Keeping Your mobile phone Safe.

Mobile theft

Smartphone snatchers account for 26% of mobile theft for students

Despite the concerns of social media and disrupted sleep patterns, smartphones are pretty useful and very expensive. They allow you to keep a track of your finances, your location in a big city and, most importantly, your friends and family. Losing your phone, dropping it or mobile theft is heart-wrenching for most because even if you are lucky enough to have insurance, your phone is your lifeline and replacing it can be very stressful.

All this is even more painful for a student and sadly, even more likely to happen as they are often easy targets for mobile theft. In fact, smartphone pickpocketers and snatchers account for 26.1% of student mobile theft, according to gadget insurance provider Protect Your Bubble; and even without being targeted for theft, research has found that dropping the device, water damage and stepping on the device were the top three reasons for insurance claims coming from students with 9.1 percent sustaining damage that costs over £1,000.

Think of the hassles involved when you lose or damage your mobile phone. Acquiring an incident number from the police, having to deal with insurance companies asking a hundred and one mundane questions. These all pale into insignificance when it comes to all the data you carry around on that little box of tricks, Apple Pay, photos, emails, contacts, all of which you may or may not have backed up.

Knowing where your phone is at all times is vital for anyone on a night out or in a busy place, and all too often loss of a student’s phone is dismissed as part of the sacrifice of a big night out. Keeping it attached to you but also accessible and fully functional is the answer so you never accidentally leave it on the bar, drop it taking a photo or have it pick-pocketed when you are simply walking down the street.