A Bit About Us

Set your hands free!... Wait a minute! What?!

 An extra pair of hands would undoubtedly be useful but regrettably science hasn’t made that possible yet and quite frankly we’d all end up looking a bit weird.

Let’s set the scene; Have you ever been up to the bar and ended up taking too many drinks back to your friends with your iPhone 8 plus positioned unceremoniously in your mouth? Or been at the gym and your Samsung Galaxy has fallen out of your pocket only to be smashed to bits by the bar bell you were pretending to lift? Festival goers! Ever dropped your Google Pixel in the mud?

 We could go on and on, but, if the answer is yes to any of those questions then all of the above is why we delved into our creative craniums and came up with the Phanyard. It’s very simple really, if it’s around your neck, your hands are set free… to hold your drink, to hold your child’s hand, extra bags or whatever it may be… plus it’s safe and secure.

We’ve taken the simplest of ideas and given it a little tweak, making an elasticated, stylish, plastic free phone lanyard in Hertfordshire in the Uk.

Hooray for us! [Self-gratifying pat on the back]

Phanyard is all about phun. We want our phans to benefit from convenience in their everyday lives without having to stress about the little things. The Phanyard team are motivated by good value, our phamily and the environment around us. Our aim is to glean every ounce of joy from life, tearing away the ‘can’ts’ and replacing them with a resounding ‘Darn tooting’!
Come with us and enjoy the ride of your life in the surreal and phriendly world of Phanyard. 
Phanyard creator


Holly was phed up with handbags, smashed and lost phones, missed calls and missed photo opportunities. Something had to change. And thus Phanyard was born and in an instant her life was beautifully simplified.

Phanyard creator


Design and creation flows through Will’s veins. Passionate about helping man kind in it’s mission to unclutter life. He believes that Phanyard is the phunkiest and the most phantabulously phun way to do it.