The Weird and Wonderful World of Memorabilia

Celebrity memorabilia has been a staple of the fanatic for years. At first there was the sought-after autograph of your favourite famous person, then after the explosion of the camera phone came the selfie. (Definitely a Phanyard moment!) There has always been a somewhat unhealthy obsession with celebrities in our society and now it seems to have gone one step further.

The public will go to great lengths to get their hands on anything that has even the most tenuous link to the current hottest ticket on the red carpet. Some of the things that have been bought include Scarlett Johansson’s tissue which she used on Jay leno’s Tonight Show; this was auctioned off for a staggering $5300. There was also Justin Timberlake’s unfinished toast that fetched $1000, Michael Jackson’s burnt hair ($1600), and on the subject of head fur, Justin Bieber’s hair went for a monumentally silly $40,668. If that seems excessive to you, you’d be absolutely right but at least the buyer (however deluded) got something for his money. Although the amount paid for this next example is not comparative to Bieber’s bonce fluff, believe or not, it’s perhaps even more of a rip off. Some very unfortunate individual paid $530 for a jar of air that was near Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! And yes, you did just read that.

Bringing ourselves back down to planet earth, we’ve found some really cool memorabilia to be had. One place that will rarely let you down is eBay (another reason to have your Phanyard – enabling you to regularly check your bids). On sale today are some cracking little buys; for example we found the Sports Almanac magazine prop as seen in Back to the Future 2, a pistol from the Pirates of the Caribbean films or how about an original zombie mask from Land of the Dead? These are all very cool but I think our favourite and perhaps the most unique is the legendary Steven Spielberg’s half smoked cigar that he kicked back with on the set of World War 2 epic Band of Brothers. It also comes complete with loads of set goodies such as a hat, jacket and very cool knife. Don’t tell my wife but I might just have to put a little bid on it myself.

If you’re a regular eBay junkie like me then our Phanyard is the perfect phriend to help keep on top of those nail-biting bids. Happy hunting people.